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Published by Kenneth on 14 Jan 2010

Trade Profiteer – 1.1.414 (alpha)

A new version of the Trade Profiteer has been released.



Bugs fixed

TP-10 – Appears to be removing more data than it should

Along with this bug being fixed, a change to the UI was made. In the Island to Island tab, instead of showing each shoppe from which you should buy, it will show the quantity to buy and the prices at which to buy the commodity. You will find that it can generate a report much faster as a result of this change.

Fair winds.

Published by Kenneth on 11 Nov 2009

This Veteran’s Day

In recognition of the Honorable Service of the members of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, Colony West Software Company does Commend and Thank each and every Officer and Enlisted member of each branch of the Armed Forces for their Service and Dedication to the Freedom and Defense of the United States of America and protection of the Rights of all Americans.

Further, in recognition of their Service to the United States, we do Commend and Thank all Veterans who served with Honor for their Dedication and Service, and extend Condolences, with our Thanks and Commendation, to the Families of those who perished while serving their country.

Kenneth Ballard

Published by Kenneth on 31 Oct 2009

Trade Profiteer – New stable release

New version: 1.0.1531

This release is an update to the stable release of the Trade Profiteer and answers a concern that was presented by Puzzle Pirates Forum user RedSeaWitch.

Published by Kenneth on 16 Oct 2009

Trade Profiteer – Next development release

Ahoy all,

Let me give you an idea of what is going to be coming down the pike in the next couple days. I will be making an unstable release of the next version of the Trade Profiteer, which will include support for large fonts and Java 6. My target for release is Sunday at the latest (Central Daylight Time), and everything appears on target.

First, this release will be an alpha release. For those who don’t know, this means the release will be feature incomplete (won’t have everything targeted for the next stable release), and you may encounter some bugs and issues — I haven’t encountered anything that has crashed my computer, so that is a good sign.

Now I’ve gone to lengths to allow both the stable release (1.0.1331) and this upcoming unstable release (1.1.[something]) to be installed at the same time on your computer. Plus the version detection will only detect new development versions, and the stable versions will only be able to detect new stable versions, though I may expand this to detect both, or make it a configuration option. What do you think?

So keep an eye out in the next couple days for news of an unstable release, if you’re willing to test it. I’m also getting a different bug tracker up and running on my web site that should be less intimidating to the novice so you can report any bugs you do find.

Fair winds.

Note: This has also been posted to the Puzzle Pirates forums.