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Published by Kenneth on 11 Nov 2009

This Veteran’s Day

In recognition of the Honorable Service of the members of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, Colony West Software Company does Commend and Thank each and every Officer and Enlisted member of each branch of the Armed Forces for their Service and Dedication to the Freedom and Defense of the United States of America and protection of the Rights of all Americans.

Further, in recognition of their Service to the United States, we do Commend and Thank all Veterans who served with Honor for their Dedication and Service, and extend Condolences, with our Thanks and Commendation, to the Families of those who perished while serving their country.

Kenneth Ballard

Published by Kenneth on 10 Nov 2009

Trade Profiteer – New unstable release

New version 1.1.209

This version fixes a number of issues with the current development line:

TP-1 – Search results from between oceans appearing

TP-2 – Verify data import can support a “no data” import

Further, it has an improved installer for the Java Access Bridge which should allow for an easier installation on some systems.