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Published by Kenneth on 26 Dec 2009

Trade Profiteer – 1.1.326

I hope everyone has so far had happy and safe holiday season, whatever your faith (if any). And even during this holiday season, I managed to get a new release of the Trade Profiteer put together. This one is still considered an alpha release, but I think we’re approaching beta testing for what will be version 1.2 of the Trade Profiteer.

Download: Trade Profiteer version 1.1.326


TP-3 – Export imported data to comma-delimited file

This feature was requested by RedSeaWitch when she sent me a PM asking for the ability to export the imported data to an external file.

Go to Data->“Export shoppe data” to access the feature. You will select an island, one or more (or all) commodities, and the export file. The data is exported in CSV format, which is compatible with virtually every spreadsheet application available.

This new feature could probably be enhanced further, so I welcome feedback on this.

Bug fixes

TP-6 – Does not work with multiple Y!PP windows

TP-7 – Change so it doesn’t close when pressing Esc

TP-8 – Ctrl-I key combination not working

Published by Kenneth on 09 Dec 2009

Trade Profiteer – version 1.1.308

New version: 1.1.308

A lot has been added in this new released version as we move yet another step closer to the next full release of the Trade Profiteer – the question to be answered is just how many steps are left. Anyway…

So let’s talk features, shall we?

Cargo planning

The major feature for this release is one that has been requested numerous times and is finally here: cargo planning. So what exactly is cargo planning? Well it’s exactly as it sounds: it gives you the ability to plan a purchase and see not only how much it will cost, but also how much space you’ll need, including the smallest ship upon which it’ll fit.

It’s pretty straightforward: either start from scratch by clicking Cargo->Plan a shipment, or select a route and click “Plan it”. If you go the latter route, you’ll be able to modify the list given, adjusting quantities and adding or removing commodities from the list until you get what you want. Don’t forget the rum!

Data manager

In order to facilitate cargo planning, obviously the mass and volume information for the commodities must be provided. These are visible through the Data Manager (Data->Data Manager). If you notice any mass or volume that doesn’t look right, and you can verify that with the YPPedia, let me know so a correction can be issued.

And of course to know what ship upon which your planned shipment will fit, the ship information is provided as well. In the Data Manager, this information is visible under a new tab.

Data updates

To bring all of this to you, a database update feature had to be devised as well. Your database file is not touched when you upgrade the Trade Profiteer or uninstall it. This is so your preferences and saved routes remain in tact. So to distribute data updates, such as those that facilitate the above features, an updates file will be distributed with each subsequent version of the Trade Profiteer. Each update is tagged with a particular version number so updates not applying to the version you have installed can be filtered out.

Java Access Bridge

I’ve written a help article on the main site detailing how to install the Java Access Bridge and what is required of you to be able to install it.

Article: “Installing the Java Access Bridge

I am doing my best to develop an installer that compatible with as many systems as possible. Please be patient and report any problems you have installing the bridge.


Well that’s about it in a nutshell. Be sure to let me know if you have any questions or comments.