It brings me great pleasure to announce that the Trade Profiteer will be released into open beta within the next few days. We are finishing up a few details with the application along with drafting an announcement for the Puzzle Pirates forums. The application likely would’ve been released sooner, but Three Rings opened two new oceans recently: Crimson (family ocean, English primarily) and Jade (Spanish ocean). This caused only a slight delay.

The Trade Profiteer supports eight (8) of the ten (10) available oceans. The only oceans not supported are Jade and Opal. Jade is the new Spanish ocean while Opal is a German ocean that has been open for about two years. Information for the Ice ocean is distributed with the Trade Profiteer, but it has not been tested with the Ice client. Feedback will certainly be welcome, but problems are not anticipated.

Now it will be possible to add support for Jade and Opal, as you can merely change the option for Puzzle Pirates on those oceans to use English as the interface language, but we did not think it fair to German and Spanish players. Those oceans were opened to target native German and Spanish speakers. However we do aim to globalize the Trade Profiteer to make it more friendly to the widely diverse group of players on all oceans. As globalization was not originally considered when the project began a year ago, the application will need to be adjusted to allow for this. It is one of the planned enhancements and, like adapting the application for Java 6, it is also a priority.

If you wish to assist with the globalization effort, let me know either by sending an e-mail using the contact page on the web site or enter a reply to this post. I would prefer native speakers where possible.

So otherwise, keep an eye out over the coming 4th of July weekend for the announcement. Again, finishing touches for release are underway and we hope to have this finished up and released into open beta hopefully before Monday.

Fair winds.