It is with great pleasure that Colony West Software Company announces the release of the Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer into open beta. The software has been through much development and a lot of testing through the many months since the project first started. The time has come to give others the opportunity to use the tool and report back on any bugs they find.

Now one thing you’ll notice right away is that this tool is much different from anything else out there, and is certainly different from the Bleach tool, and that is intentional.

Many of the tricks that the developers of the Bleach site tried to use are avoided in this application. For example when scrolling the commodity data list, you are free to move the mouse around. This allows you to respond to chat channels, and you won’t be interfering with the data read either.

Further this application is entirely standalone. There isn’t any server to which this application talks except when you select the “Check for updates” option on the help menu, in which case it’s talking to my web server to retrieve a version number. Nothing more.

So what happens next?

The application will be in open beta for, hopefully, only one month, but that can vary depending on how many bugs and enhancement suggestions are reported. If there is a high amount of feedback or bug reports, the open beta may be extended. If there aren’t many bugs or issues reported, then the open beta period may be shortened and a full release provided sooner.

Right now the aim is to release a full version sometime in early August 2009. I also aim to have some semblance of a manual put together by that time, too. Right now I don’t have a bug tracking site up and running, but I’m experimenting with a few systems and will set one up when I’ve settled on one.

Fair winds, everyone.