The beta release of the Trade Profiteer has been available for about 10 days now and there hasn’t been much feedback from users. Of course at the time of this writing, it’s been downloaded less than 20 times, and who knows how many of them are active users.

I am planning to stamp another beta release here soon that will address an issue that has been reported, and that is in regard to the Puzzle Pirates settings. Previously these were not detected because I didn’t know where to find them. A little detective work and I now know how to detect the current Y!PP settings, such as for the anti-aliased font and large font settings.

Along with this I’m considering taking the “Check for updates” menu item and turn it into an automatic check feature. Shouldn’t be too difficult to implement, I don’t think. It just shouldn’t interfere with the rest of the application.

Along with this, I’ve been working to re-engineer the OCR component – the part of the program that “reads” the Puzzle Pirates screen and gathers useful information. Now why re-engineer something that already works? Well the trouble is that it only works under certain conditions, and I’m working to correct that. And the key is that I’m trying to avoid using many of the tricks and gimmicks the Bleach developers opted to include – a program should not muck with system settings unless that is the intended purpose of the application (i.e. system configuration tools, not game helper applications).

So you can expect another build of the Trade Profiteer to be released within the next couple days. As for the full final first release version, I’m still holding to the “start of August” target I mentioned before. We’ll see how it goes. I’m likely not going to include the new OCR code in the first full release – it’ll need a lot of testing and a lot of exposure. While I’ll be giving it quite a bit, I’ll need other eyes to have a look at it to weed out anomalies and defects.

Otherwise, stay tuned to stay abreast of the updates.