As this is a new blog, I feel introductions are in order. For those of you not familiar with Colony West Software, I am Kenneth Ballard, the proprietor of said company. I started Colony West Software back in 2001 under a different name now long forgotten. I’ve been putting out software and code libraries since then, though I haven’t released anything in quite a while, though that will hopefully be changing soon.

Colony West?

I will concede that Colony West is an unusual name, though there are plenty of other organizations and establishments that use Colony West as part of their name. So how’d I come up with it?

Well I used to live at Green Valley Apartments in West Des Moines, Iowa, now called Woodland West Condominiums. Across the street from the complex are two office buildings, one of which houses an FBI office. One is called Colony Park and the other is called Park West. I just took the names, removed Park, and voila, Colony West was born.

I registered the name with the Polk County Recorder at the end of 2005 as “Colony West Software Development”. It was re-registered with the State of Missouri in May 2009 as “Colony West Software Company”.

Current projects

Currently there are two projects under development at Colony West, one of which is prominently displayed on the company’s home page.

The Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer is a helper application for the online game Puzzle Pirates. The Trade Profiteer is a tool to assist with commodity trading in the game. Read more on the project’s web page.

The other project currently under active development will be announced when I’m close to releasing it.

The Future

So what does the future hold? Well, pretty much more software development. I’ll be posting updates here periodically, and I’ll also post other things here as well, such as commentaries on tech articles and the like.

So subscribe if you’d like or bookmark this blog to keep informed of what’s going on here at Colony West Software Company.