I went up to the Puzzle Pirates forums tonight and noticed that there was a post saying the Bleach uploader is broken thanks to the latest Puzzle Pirates updates. So what happened, and is the Trade Profiteer affected?

First, the shoppe and ship interface is what changed. They combined several commerce functions into one tabbed interface. This means that the “Buy/Sell Commodities” interface on a ship or in a shoppe is no longer compatible with the Trade Profiteer.

This means that if you want to import the data, you will need to go to a commodity market to do so. I will see what I can do about getting it to work elsewhere. I don’t anticipate it taking much, but I likely won’t be able to really look into it until the weekend.

So until I’ve released an update to correct this minor annoyance (watch this blog for updates), you’re currently relegated to the commodity market buildings and forts for getting market information.