After a couple more e-mails and some more finagling on the back-end server, I have Movable Type installed and running. Now comes the difficult part of actually administering it.

One thing that is definitely evident with playing with it thus far is that Movable Type is intended to run a web site. It’s a lot more than just a blogging platform, and in case the thought has crossed your mind, I may consider switching to using it to run the Colony West web site, assuming I can find plugins for everything else I will be needing, along with getting it stable…

Actually, if anything, I’ll be more likely to switch my personal web site over to Movable Type before I change the Colony West web site over. At least with my personal site, I won’t have a lot to move – just some existing blog posts to migrate for now. Right now it’s powered by Wordpress, the same engine powering this blog.

Now I will say that there are still some quirks – I’m not entirely free of HTTP 500 errors, but they’re happening quick enough that I know script timing is not the issue, so I’ve still got some troubleshooting to do.