Finally, the Trade Profiteer reaches beta. Here are the details of the new release. There isn’t much that needs to be added to the product to finish it. There are currently two enhancements left to add if you look at the bug tracker. One slip on the tracker is listed as “Postponed” because currently it is not known if it is necessary.


TP-10 – Appears to be removing more data than it should

This enhancement basically called for overhauling the data cleanup feature. It needed it.

TP-13 – Add “Select/Unselect all” to commodity filter

TP-12 – Filtering enhancements

Added an enhancement to create a list of shoppes to exclude from the “Island to Island” profit calculations.

Bugs fixed

TP-14 – Commodities not displayed in proper sort order

TP-4 – The Island to Island tab will occasionally show ‘insane’ profit availability

This is the “insane profit bug” mentioned on the forums. Currently there is a temporary addition to the code to display a message box if the commodity data displayed in Puzzle Pirates changes while the data is being imported. This is to test a hypothesis as to the cause of this bug.