Well it’s that time again — time for a new release of the Trade Profiteer.

New version: 1.1.512 (beta)


TP-12 – Filtering enhancements

The enhancement originally provided has been completely removed from the program. Instead it has been replaced with a far more granular shoppe filter that will be enhanced further. You will also find that when you click on the filter button on the "Island to Island" tab, there is small menu that comes up with three options:

  • Filter out commodities
  • Filter out shoppes
  • Reset all filters

The first option is the commodity filter that everyone is used to. The second option is the new granular shoppe filter. "Reset all filters" does just that.

Right now that is only enabled when there is a route loaded and only those islands will be available. What you will notice is that the new window it brings up has two radio buttons: Start Island and Destination Island. What this allows you to do is exclude shoppes from the profit calculation as either a starting shoppe or a destination shoppe, or both.

Like the commodity filters, these persist only through the instance you are running and are not stored off.

Bug fixes

No bug slips have been handled, but any minor bugs that may have been discovered have been fixed.

Java Access Bridge

I know there are users still reporting issues with the Java Access Bridge and getting everything up and running. I have written an article on my web site regarding this, so I invite you to read it first. An issue with installing the Java Access Bridge on Windows 7 has been discovered and is under investigation.

As always, feedback is certainly welcome. Fair winds.